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St Joseph's lily- Hippeastrum x johnsonii  

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 St Joseph's lily- Hippeastrum x johnsonii  


Hippeastrum x johnsonii (St. Joseph's Lily) - Semi-evergreen bulb multiplies rapidly to form masses. Has broad green strap-shaped leaves to 25-30" inches long by 1.5" wide. It gets  coppery tones when grown in full sun.

It is evergreen in warmer areas ( zone 9 & up)

Blooms mid to late spring  and has  a spicy fragrance

This is the hardiest of the Amaryllis and can be grown in USDA Zone 7,(6b)

This variety is the result of a cross, perhaps unintentional. between Hippeastrum reginae and Hippeastrum vittata performed between 1799 and 1810 by Arthur Johnson, (a watch maker from Prescot in Lancashire County) 



COLD HARDINESS: Zone 7 (6b)- 11

LIKES SUN AND PARTIAL SUN ( to flower well it  needs half a day of sunlight)

Currently available in 4" , 5"  POTS.