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TOAD LILY 'SAMURAI' - Tricyrtis formosana Samurai  *NEW *

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TOAD LILY 'SAMURAI' - Tricyrtis formosana Samurai  


This is a great, tough garden plant for shade.

Has light green leaves with  golden-yellow variegation.

Blooms profusely in the shade. Usually late summer and fall, when most other shade loving plants are long  done. The blooms are exotic, orchid like and make good cut flower. Really pretty and unique plant.

Also attracts butterflies.

Great for moist woody spot.  Tolerant of humidity, wet site & shade.

Clumps spread slowly to form a small patch.

Best to divide every 3-4 years.

Deer and rabbit resistant

Super easy to grow, really care free.



COLD HARDINESS: Zone: 5 - 9 ( slow to break dormancy)


Currently growing in 4" pot - blooming size

 Pictures are of average size plant for sale. Ships without pot.