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Variegated ornamental yam -DIOSCOREA DISCOLOR

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Originally from Africa. This  variegated form is  very rare.

It   makes a dramatic statement. Top  of  leaves are  velvety to the touch. Have really beautiful  leaf pattern.

With age leaves are getting  quite nice  size approx.  10"-12" across.

It is a counter clockwise twining vine- grown for its colorful, variegated foliage. Heart shaped leaves are coppery green, dark green & dark purple color. The back of the leaves are vivid purple color. It is velvety to  the touch

Very speedy grower - In a single growing season, grows about 15-20 Ft

Fully covers fence  rapidly. - Loves to climb on tree trunk.

NOT invasive.


LIGHT REQUIREMENT: does well in sun, shade, partial sun.

Loves organic, rich soil- 

Goes dormant below 36 F-  breaks dormancy, late spring..

 If winter temps are above 36- F- vine does not go dormant.


Currently growing in 4" pot.

Shipped without pot