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Blue Hibiscus - Alyogyne huegelii  

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Alyogyne huegelii- Blue Hibiscus


Beautiful, evergreen shrub from Australia.  It is not a true  Hibiscus, but flowers resemble a  Hibiscus flower.

Very speedy grower & blooms the first season

For denser, compact growth, can be pruned back after flowering.

Blooms on and off most of the year.   Flowers are papery .

Super easy to grow, Has great drought tolerance once established.  Supplemental watering  is needed under very dry conditions only.

It likes  a well-drained soil, but can be grown in sand, loam or clay soils.

Protect from strong winds

Grow in full sun or partial shade. In hot areas, best in partail shade.

 Attracts humminbirds and is deer resistant.


COLD HARDINESS: 23-25 f , Zone  9 & up

Currently growing in 4" pot