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PHILODENDRONS > VARIEGATED PHILO 'IMBE'- Philodendron Imbe Ilsemanii Variegata
VARIEGATED PHILO  'IMBE'-  Philodendron Imbe Ilsemanii Variegata

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VARIEGATED PHILODENDRON   'IMBE'- Philodendron  'Imbe' variegata  


This is a real beautiful plant. Climbing, highly variegated , large leafed Philodendron.

Each and every  new leaf is totally different than the previous one.

This variety never reverts back to all green.

Leaves are long and narrow, can grow around 2 feet long and 4 to 6 inches wide.


It makes a great houseplant as well- does not mind low light & dry air.

Super easy to grow, not fussy at all

If  it grows too tall, just simply  cut the stems back a few inches or few feet,  Lower stems will   develop new shoots and fill out over time.

Best color contrast in bright shade.



Currently growing in 6" pot.  please see average size plant for sale  below:


 Photo just above is of average size plant for sale