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EDIBLES > YACON- Smallanthus sonchifolius
YACON-   Smallanthus sonchifolius  

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YACON-   Bolivian Sunroot  - Smallanthus sonchifolius  


From the Andes where it has been cultivated for 1500 years

The root is sweet, crisp & juicy . Containing low  calorie sugar substitute- making it ideal for  low- sugar diet & weight loss.

Tubers  also  have  probiotic  effect, meaning they are used by beneficial bacteria that enhance colon health and aid digestion.

Member of the   Sunflower family.

Producing 2 kinds of  tubers: large storage tubers (that are eaten)

                                              'central eye' - from which the plant can be propagated

Plant needs  6-7 mo to form large tubers - needs frost protection during this time.

It can be easily grown in large pot.

 Aerial parts are damaged by frost, the roots are not harmed unless they freeze solid.

Tubers are ready to be harvested after the first few frosts when tops die off. Best to leave some tubers in ground for propagation next spring.

Pests for some reason seem to  keep away from tubers.....  

Best in partial sun.

Needs plenty of water


Currently growing in 4"  pot.

Shipped potted where permitted