It can be difficult to find a fully vined Hoya Kerrii at a reasonable price. Garden centers and large box stores often stock Hoya Kerrii as a single-leaf cutting. The cutting's heart shape makes it a popular purchase for Valentine's day. The leaf readily roots and remains a planted heart for many months, if not years. These are largely considered novelty items as very few single-leaf cuttings develop into mature plants. 

Hoya "Kerrii"

  • Water Requirements: Light water in well-drained soil. Let plant completely dry between waterings.

    Sun Exposure: Bright light to full sun

    Mature Height: 10 to 13 feet (vining) 

    Mature Spread: 1 foot

    Hardiness: Zones 9-11 if outdoors (makes a great indoor or patio plant)

    Danger: non-toxic 

    Propagation Method: stem cuttings & seeds